Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I've spent most of today adjusting the 3D model. It's still very much a work in progress, but it is getting sharper.

One of the main challenges is the mid section, where the cargo box narrows in to meet the rear frame. This is where the frame will be subject to the most stress, and since I'm not an engineer it'll be interesting to see if my guesses turn out to be right. In general I'll rather make it a bit too weak and have to strengthen it, than over-engineering it and never know.
I'm not sure about this new solution, but I'll sleep on it.

Another focus point has been the upper rear frame with the saddle, steering and handlebar. I've refined it a bit, but with this construction method it'll be hard to make it very elegant.

Here's how it looks currently. Note that the front hub is an old version. As to the rear hub and the crank box, we haven't bothered to model them as we will simply use the proven designs from the N55 space frame bikes.

Based on the N55 XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES building system - www.n55.dk

Based on the N55 XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES building system - www.n55.dk

Based on the N55 XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES building system - www.n55.dk

Based on the N55 XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES building system - www.n55.dk

Since Last

Recently, our efforts have been hampered by such things as Christmas, work, travels and unpleasant deadlines. Still, we have managed to move forward.

First of all, I put the power tools that we bought earlier on my trusty Short John and took them to the workshop at Bicycle Innovation Lab.

There I assembled the drill press and the band saw. The tools belong to the Lab, but were bought primarily for our project. With the tools ready we can get started soon.

Not alone

Before we started the project, we did some pretty thorough googling, but were unable to find any center-hub-steering cargo bikes. Now, within the last month we have found no less than three of them. It is a bit of a bummer not being first, but we'll just have to be cheaper, lighter, faster, stronger, all round nicer and easier to build than the competition.

Here are the bikes we found:

Elian Cycles has created a beautiful bike, featuring a hub design related to what we are designing:

01 Cargo by Elian Cycles
The design and manufacture however is very much a contrast to ours. This is professional craftsmanship, requiring high levels of expertise, while our project follows a 'for dummies, by dummies' approach. Hopefully the prize tag of our bike will also be quite different. The 01 Cargo is listed as costing 3.245 euro. ($ 4.220 / 24.130 dkk)

More in line with our DIY approach, but still requiring specialist skills, is the Sports Utility Bike. The front hub and wheel is that of an Italjet scooter.

The Sports Utility Bike

Last is a bike with the oddly familiar name OpenCargoBike. Like the Sports Utility Bike it has a mono fork-like design. It also has a modular construction, which is related to our way of building, except this seems to require quite a lot of welding.

The OpenCargoBike