Tools + Materials

This page will be updated as we go along.

Tools needed

- Drill with ø 65 mm drill bit and bits for the bolts. Use a drill press if possible.

- Metal saw (hacksaw), angle grinder, or any other tool that will cut aluminum.

- Safety equipment. Masks, goggles, gloves etc.


Aluminum profiles (extrusions) - square tubes measuring 25 x 25 mm and 2 mm thick.

Bolts - 6 mm. Lengths varies.

Nuts - 6 mm, self-locking. Paired with the number of bolts.

Washers - 6 mm

Materials for model building (all bought at a local hobby shop)

Balsa wood - 3x3 mm thick for testing construction in models. This is very soft and light wood which gives a clear expression of the construction. This equals approximately a model in the scale of 1:100. 20,00 kr = $3,56.

Pins 7/7 - Very small iron nails (7 mm in length). 20,00 kr = $3,56. 

Tools and materials acquired on first trip

A lot of bits for screwing and drilling together with a cordless drill. We also bought a drill press which makes drilling the holes much easier and more precise. The drill press is for the workshop at Bicycle Innovation Lab. Check your local area for access to a workshop or maybe you know someone who has one - but its not a necessity. We also bought 24 m of aluminum square tubes (25x25 mm - 2 mm thick) in 8 pieces. This way we were able to transport all of it on a regular cargo bike using strips to attach them to the frame of the bike. Like this: